Which is better for purchasing a home: in-house financing, bank financing, or Pag-IBIG financing?

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The lockdowns implemented since the epidemic began in 2020, as per Organization of Socialized and Economic Housing Developers of the Indonesian (OSHDI), have enhanced young Indonesian desire in home ownership. And here are few questions “Which is better for purchasing a home: in-house financing, bank financing, or Pag-IBIG financing” Many young Indonesian’s are more interested in owning a home rather than vehicles and electronics.


What would be the greatest home finance solution for this new generation of home buyers? Can they go with in-house or bank financing? Could they instead use Pag-IBIG to purchase a home?


Everyone in Indonesia who wants to buy a house should be aware of their financing options and how they differ. Knowing these payment alternatives can assist future homeowners like you in deciding which option is best for you to pay down your debt. So here’s a handy guide to assist you.


What’s the Difference Between In-House Financing, Bank Financing, and Pag-IBIG Financing?


What is In-House Financing?
In-house financing vs bank financing vs pag-IBIG financing


All Indonesia planning to purchase a home should be aware of their financing alternatives and how they differ. Understanding these payment alternatives can assist future homeowners like you in deciding which option is best for you to pay down your mortgage. So here’s a handy guide to assist you.

What is In-House Financing?


Which is better for purchasing a home: in-house financing, bank financing, or Pag-IBIG financing?


Consumers can get a loan from a firm to buy goods or services, which is known as in-house financing. Home buyers who prefer in-house finance to bank financing are frequently offered by property developers. The approval process for in-house finance is usually simple and rapid.


When Is It Time to Use In-House Financing?


Your bank or Pag-IBIG home loan request has been denied.

Many people try their luck with a bank or other lender for a home loan. These requests, however, are frequently declined due to low credit ratings. For those who can afford a mortgage but can’t be accepted by a bank, in-house financing becomes a viable option.


You want to move in right away.

The majority of builders will let you move in as soon as your in-house financing is approved. When it comes to bank or Pag-IBIG financing, the process can be lengthy and arduous, especially if your prerequisites are inadequate.


Obtaining Financing from a Bank


To obtain a car loan through bank finance, you must go directly to a bank or credit union. In most cases, you’ll be pre-approved for a loan before ever visiting a dealership. The lender will provide you with a quote and a letter of commitment that you can take to the dealer to finalize the contract, saving you time. Having a pre-approved loan amount on paper may also deter car salespeople from trying to persuade you to buy features you don’t require.

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You can apply for pre-approval online or at a local branch, based on the bank or credit union. You may be asked to give vehicle details, which could cause some delays if you haven’t done so already.


A bank or credit union’s rate offer will be the genuine interest rate, excluding any markup that may occur when working with a dealer. However, the rate quote you receive isn’t always a firm offer. Before processing your application and determining your loan rates, the lender will do a hard credit check and analyze your entire credit record when you go to the dealership to buy the automobile.


Keep in mind that your selections may differ based on whether you’re purchasing a new or used vehicle. Some banks and credit unions impose age and usage restrictions on vehicles, and new vehicles may be eligible for reduced interest rates in general.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Option


In any case, the one that saves you the most money is the best option. Unfortunately, knowing what that option is beforehand is not always straightforward.

As a result, it can be worthwhile to try to get preapproved by a bank or credit union before going to the dealership, and then ask the dealer for estimates as well. You may then compare and decide which choice is the best.

Obtaining quotations from individual banks and credit unions can take some time. If you have bad credit, it’s even more crucial to look into bank and credit union possibilities. Even if the loan rate is greater than you’d like, it’s still a better value than buying from a buy here, pay here business.


Whatever you choose, you should be aware that applying for auto loans might have a negative impact on your credit score. When you apply for a loan, the lender makes a hard query on your credit report, which might lower your score by a few points.


Filing for many loans in a short period of time might exacerbate that negative impact, but if you complete all of your rate shopping in a short period of time usually 14 days, but sometimes longer all of your queries are consolidated into one when your credit score is calculated.


You don’t want to interact with financial institutions or loans.

Some customers prefer to deal directly with the developer because they believe that incorporating third-party lenders will just prolong the home-buying process. In this instance, in-house financing may be the most cost-effective alternative.


What is Bank Financing



Housing loans and home loans are other terms for bank funding. Borrowers receive these loans from banks or financial institutions to help them purchase a home. In comparison to in-house financing and Pag-IBIG financing, bank financing has slightly lower interest rates.

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When Is Bank Financing the Best Option?

You have a high credit rating.


Although Pag-IBIG and property developers do their own credit checks, banks have a more stringent approach for establishing your trustworthiness. You must have paid off all of your debts or have no credit issues or missed payments on your credit report.

You’ll need a loan with a set term.


All through the loan period, bank financing has a fixed monthly interest rate and payment plan amount.

   What is Pag-IBIG Financing



Pag-IBIG financing is a benefit available to Pag-IBIG members who have contributed at least 24 times each month. Complete circuit can use a Pag-IBIG housing loan to buy a house or acquire money to pay for any of the following:

  • A maximum of 1,000 square meters can be found on a single or neighboring residential lot.
  • Whether it’s a single-family home, an unit, or a townhouse, there’s something for
  • A house is being built.
  • Refinancing a mortgage is a process in which a homeowner’s loan is refinanced.
  • A house is being renovated.
  • Loans for several purposes

When Should Pag-IBIG Financing Be Used?


You’re a member of Pag-IBIG.


As a member of Pag-IBIG, you are eligible to apply for a variety of low-interest loans.

You have plenty of time to complete your application.

In comparison to in-house and bank financing, Pag-IBIG financing entails a time-consuming process of bidding, submitting papers, and securing your loan application. Although you can apply online, you will be expected to attend in person at a Pag-IBIG branch at certain points during the application process. This usually entails standing in long lines and devoting at least a whole day to the task at hand.

You’re willing to pay off your mortgage over a long period of time.

Shorter loan terms are more common with in-house and bank financing. You can choose to pay off your Pag-IBIG loan over a period of up to 30 years if you are under the age of 70 at the time of repayment.


In-House Financing vs. Bank Financing vs. Pag-IBIG Financing in a Nutshell

It might be difficult to choose the right home financing solution. At this point, you must examine not just interest rates, but also other aspects that may have an impact on the total loan amount and payback schedule.


Considering the modest variances in loan tenure, the interest rates for in-house financing, bank financing, and Pag-IBIG financing appear to be the same. When it comes to lending purposes, Pag-IBIG provides more possibilities for putting the money borrowed to good use. Credit checks are required for all three financing choices. Banks, on the other hand, are more stringent in their screening for delinquencies and bad loans.


It would be beneficial to repair your credit history and pay off your existing balances before applying for any of these choices. A good credit score will not only improve your chances of approval. You’ll also have a better chance of obtaining discounts. Inquire with the Credit Information Corporation about your credit profile.

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To ensure that you can repay the loan, you must have a steady source of income. In-house and bank funding may need extensive verification of your employment or business details. Pag-IBIG, on the other hand, is more tolerant with first-time debtors and even accepts deposit receipts from freelancers.


When you seek for Pag-IBIG financing, you may be startled to hear that you must pay a down payment as well as certain processing fees. Yes, you will be required to pay these fees, but it will be a little sum. The processing charge for store housing loans and designer housing loans is PHP 5,000.


What exactly is the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF or PAG-IBIG Fund)?


If you’re a PAG-IBIG active member and contributor, you’ll have a better chance of getting a home loan, but only if you meet their terms and criteria.

The Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council owns and controls PAG-IBIG, which is a government-owned and regulated corporation (HUDCC). The HUDCC strives to provide Indonesia families with affordable housing and financing, whether they are employed locally, self-employed, or working abroad.


Salary loans are available to PAG-IBIG members. You must pay the monthly membership contributions once you have become a member. Employers in the Indonesia are responsible for paying the monthly payments, which are withdrawn directly from employees’ monthly paychecks.


The employee-employer share ratio is 2:2 if the employees’ monthly remuneration exceeds P1,500 in percentage. If the amount is less than P1,500, the ratio is 1:2.


If you earn P5,000 each month, for instance, the employer’s contribution is P100 (P5,000 x 0.02 = P100). For that donation, you’re also paying P100 to your employer. PAG-IBIG members have access to short- and long-term loans, as well as crisis loans and public housing.


 Can one apply for bank loan or PAG-IBIG loan ?


Bank loan for small business flat concept Vector Image


When looking for a home loan, one of the most important factors to examine is if the loan has a low interest rate and a fixed rate, which can range from 1 to 5 years for banks.

Applicant for PAG-IBIG loans have less limits. Banks, on the other hand, are meticulous in their background investigations and will demand you to present a variety of supporting documentation.

Banks offer low-interest rates with fixed rates for 1, 2, 3, and 5 years or 10 years for other banks, although not common, but PAG-IBIG gives a fixed price duration of up to three years.


PAG-IBIG and bank loans have two major variances.


  • 1 Loan Purposes Vary Slightly

When applying for a house loan, you must state the loan’s purpose. Most commercial banks, as well as PAG-IBIG, consider a new or re-purchase of a property such as a house or condo unit, the completion of home building, and property refinancing.


However, PAG-IBIG permits house loan applicants to buy a lot of up to 1,000 square meters. Other services provided by commercial banks include home equity loans.


  • When it comes to repayment possibilities, three PAG-IBIG loans are superior.

The process of repaying the lender for the amount you borrowed, including the interest and principal rate specified in the contract, is known as repayment. When it comes to PAG-IBIG loans, the repayment scheme is less hard to calculate because the fixed rate remains constant throughout the loan term. You can pay in a cash payment, pay it off in full at any moment, or wait until the loan matures; the maximum loan term is 20 years.

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